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DEL-002 Delta With Monocular N.V.G.

While I was at Salute in April I picked up a whole bunch of modern minis from The Assault Group. I thought for those of you thinking of buying these minis I would write a review for you. I will slowly be reviewing all the figs I got, so keep checking the site.

The first pack up for review is pack DEL-002 Delta With Monocular N.V.G.

While looking through the new Delta packs at Salute this particular pack caught my eye. I instantly fell in love with the night vision goggles and immediatly began to think up night fight scenarios.

Anyways, on with the review. The figures had no flash and were ready to be primed straight out of the blister. The detail is very well sculpted on these minis.

The figures are sculpted in the chunky fashion. Many people don't like this, but personaly I really like it. I find it adds a nice amount of character to the figs.

All the equipment is accurate as far as I can tell. Their weapons consist of 2 men with M4's, 1 with M4 and M203 and 1 with a shotgun, they all carry pistols. They where the hockey pads made famous in Black Hawk Down on their knees and their modified hockey helmets.

All in all, they are very nice minis and I can't wait to start painting them.

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